About SLI

About SLI

For 20 years the APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute has been dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy through empowering and developing student pharmacists. The information and networking not only helps attendees grow personally but will enhance APhA-ASP Chapters across the country. 

If you have any questions about the student pharmacist registration process, please feel free to contact Lynette Plowden, APhA Senior Manager of Student & New Practitioner Meetings and Operations, at (202)429-7514 or lplowden@aphanet.org.  

APhA Student & New Practitioner Development Team

Meet the Team

APhA Student Development staff is here to support attendees throughout the meeting and when you return to campus. 

APhA-ASP National & Regional Leaders

The members of the APhA-ASP National Executive Committee, Standing Committees, and Regional Officers are here to serve you during SLI2019. Get know more about them and these leadership opportunities.

SLI2019 Speakers

APhA-ASP SLI2019 will feature the following presentations and speakers:


What to Pack for SLI2019

Be sure to bring your business cards and clean, white coat. Summer weather in Washington, DC can be quite hot and humid, so please plan accordingly. 

Meeting Attire


  • Hill Visits - Business attire with your clean white coat  

  • APhA-ASP SLI Meeting - Casual attire - Wear your school shirt         

  • Dinner/Evening - Casual attire with your APhA t-shirt or school t-shirt. Comfortable walking shoes for the night tour of National Mall.       


  • APhA-ASP SLI Meeting - Casual attire

  • Dinner/Evening - Casual attire 


  • APhA-ASP SLI Meeting - Casual attire

Summer weather in Washington, DC can be quite hot and humid, so please plan accordingly.