Registration for the 2019 APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute will open May 17, 2019 through May 27, 2019 

In order to provide a high quality and valuable experience for all attendees, the following chapters, satellite campuses, regional, and national student leaders are invited to attend the 2019 APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute:

  • One (1) student representative from each of our APhA-ASP Chapters.
  • APhA-ASP Chapter Advisors

All Chapter Advisors are invited to attend APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about APhA-ASP and what occurs throughout the year and the role that advisors have within the chapter and meet with APhA Staff.  In addition to attending the student programming, there is an Advisors Roundtable.  Advisors use the same registration form and follow the same hotel policies as all other registrants.

  • Up to three (3) student representatives from the following recently chartered APhA-ASP Chapter:
    • Binghamton university School of Pharmacy
    • The University of Texas at El Paso School of Pharmacy
    • The Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

One (1) student representative from the each of the following satellite campuses:

Please note that we allow for these additional student attendees because course work and APhA-ASP Chapter activities are conducted on separate campuses throughout the entire curriculum. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pharmacy programs with split campus or matriculating models.

  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Vermont
  • Idaho State University College of Pharmacy - Meridian
  • Idaho State University College of Pharmacy - Anchorage
  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy - Bradenton
  • MCPHS University - Manchester
  • Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy - West Palm Beach
  • Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy - South Jordan, UT
  • Shenandoah University Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy - Ashburn
  • South University School of Pharmacy - Columbia, SC
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy - Abilene
  • The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy - Wichita
  • The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy - Tulsa
  • UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Asheville
  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy - Jacksonville
  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy - Orlando
  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy - Rockford
  • University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Universities at Shady Grove
  • University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy - Duluth
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy at MU - Columbia
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City school of Pharmacy at MSU - Springfield
  • Washington State University College of Pharmacy - Yakima, WA
  • Wingate University School of Pharmacy - Hendersonville

The following regional and national officers are invited to attend the APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute:

  • APhA-ASP Regional Officers
  • APhA-ASP Standing Committee Members 
  • APhA-ASP National Executive Committee


Registration Timeline

January 1 to April 10:
APhA‐ASP Chapters, advisors promote APhA-ASP SLI to 2019-2019 APhA-ASP Chapter Officers and Advisor(s).

April 23 to May 3, Step 1:
The APhA‐ASP Chapter Advisor (or designee) completes the online Pre‐Registration Form STEP 1 for the officer representing the chapter and/or campus. The online form will request the name, email address, and officer position of the officer. APhA is not responsible for incorrect email addresses. The online registration form will be open from Tuesday, April 23, 2019 to Friday, May 3, 2019. 

May 17, Step 2 - Start:
Student pharmacists on the pre‐registration list will receive an email from APhA Staff stating that they have been accepted to attend APhA-ASP SLI and instructions on how to complete their Institute registration (a separate URL/secure online form).

Student pharmacists on the APhA-ASP SLI Waitlist will receive an email from APhA Staff indicating if they have been accepted to attend APhA-ASP SLI and instructions on how to complete their Institute registration (a separate URL/secure online form).

May 27, Step 2 - End:
Students on the pre‐registration list need to complete the official online registration form and submit full payment to the APhA-ASP SLI by the May 27th deadline. Failure to submit the registration form and payment will result in the loss of the student/chapter’s seat at the Institute.

After this step students may book their flight and are responsible for scheduling the time and date (morning of July 19th) to meet with their Member(s) of Congress for a Hill Visit.

School or College of Pharmacy / Chapter Selection Process

APhA strongly encourages the officer selected to attend the Institute serve as the president-elect for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Please note that APhA-ASP Regional Officers, APhA-ASP Standing Committee Members, and APhA-ASP National Executive Committee do not count against your Chapter's number of student pharmacists in the pre-registration process. We have already allotted room for these individuals.

If you have any questions about the student pharmacist registration process, please feel free to contact Lynette Plowden at

SLI Attendee Registration Fees

All attendee who reserve their hotel room through APhA will be charged a $75 registration fee to attend APhA-ASP SLI.

All attendees who reserve their own hotel room will be charged a $150 registration fee to attend APhA-ASP SLI.

*Please note the fee is different for those on the APhA-ASP SLI Waitlist.

APhA-ASP SLI Waitlist

APhA will accept additional registration request on a first come, first serve basis. To place additional chapter officers representatives on the APhA-ASP SLI Waitlist, register your representative online via Registration Form Step 1

Please note that registering for the APhA-ASP SLI Waitlist does not guarantee a seat at the Institute. Please do not book flights and/or transportation until you have received an email from APhA Student Development Staff indicating a spot is available for you to attend. All Waitlist communications will be sent by Friday, May 17, 2019. Student will then have until May 27, 2019 to register for a spot on the APhA-ASP Waitlist. Any attendees that do not register by this date will forfeit their spot on the list.

SLI Waitlist Attendee Registration Fee: $225

Refund/Cancellation Policy & Waiver/Release Information

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
All registration cancellations must be in writing and received by APhA Registration Manager, Nicole Whatley via email at by June 10, 2019, and are subjected to a $50 administrative fee. No registration refunds will be made for cancellations made after June 10, 2019.  Attendees who reserved their hotel room through APhA (advance payment) will be subject to a penalty of 1 nights stay after the June 10, 2019 deadline.  

By Registering for the APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute, I understand that my likeness can be used by APhA for purpose in future publications and promotional materials